Meet the Club Commitee

Chairperson - Emma Gower

Club Secretary - Ali Parsons

Treasurer - Caroline Knight-Merchant

Membership Secretary  - Lucy Chilcott

Race Secretary - Jan Wills

Welfare Officers - Natasha Stevens, Ali Cox

Social Secretaries - Pauline Montgomery, Shirley Player, Michele Baker-Caton

Media Secretary - Emma Gower and Lucy Chilcott

Committee Member - Jenny Saunter, Wendy Lowe, Angela Lanaway

 Caroline Knight - Treasurer

1. How long have you been in the club? 2 Years

2. Favourite Race? Locally was the Plymouth 10k but the most memorable run for me was the London Marathon, the atmosphere was amazing!!!

3. Favourite Film? Any Disney film

4. Best Running Advice? Surrounded by positive people, you can achieve anything!

5. Funny Running Story? I ran the Clowance House 4 miler - a trail around the grounds, through mud & streams. Unfortunately I was unable to avoid all the mud & lost my shoe along the way, to the amusement of everyone around me. It was worth it for the hot soup & beenie at the finish line.

6. Why I Joined The Committee? I love arranging Sunday socials and supporting others.

 Lucy Chilcott - Membership Secretary

1. How long have you been with the club? Around 6 years. I started in the walk/run group and have never looked back.

2. Guilty pleasure? chocolate
3.Best running advice? Relax and breath.

4. Why I joined the committee? I love being a part of this running club.  Meeting at the weekend for social runs to the support from everyone, its amazing!


Alison Parsons - Club Secretary

1. How long have you been in the club?  Since the beginning

2. Guilty pleasure? Buying just one Barnecutts Chelsea Bun, going home to an empty house and having a coffee and bun in peace!!

3. Favourite film? I like a good musical, Mamma Mia, Greatest Showman etc 

4. Favourite running accessory? My running watch, couldn’t run without it.

5. Funny running story? Out running with the ladies one Sunday morning, I took my Jack Russell so he could stretch his legs, he caught and killed a rabbit and ran along the trail with it in his mouth refusing to let it go, the ladies were horrified, I was very embarrassed but the Jack Russell was pleased as punch.