Jenny Saunter

1. How long have you been in the club? 9 years

2. Favourite race? Bath Half....finally getting my sub 2hrs 

3. Favourite running accessory? Flip belt

4. Favourite place to run? The Cornish coast path

5. Why did you become a leader? I’m passionate about our little running club and know the importance of people volunteering. Also allows me to inspire others on their running Journey which I enjoy.

Charlotte Goatman

1. How long have you been in the club? Since 2011

2. Favourite race? I have so many - Newquay 10k  (my first ever race); Lanhydrock 10 (longest distance at the time); Boconnoc 5 (different every time); The RAT 20 (with running besties); London because, well, its London!

3. Best running advice? Warm up before every race and do a proper stretch afterwards (NB: nobody does this!)

4. Favourite place to run? The Duchy loop

5. Why did you become a leader? To give back to the club. It had supported me & built my confidence as a runner - I felt it was only fair to give back a bit.

 Sandra Lidiard

1. How long have you been in the club?  4 years

2. Favourite race? I don’t have a favourite run, but I did enjoy Smugglers Scuttler last year.  I will always remember my 1st half that was Bideford, fabulous weekend away with the girls.

3. Best running Advice?  Listen to your own body

4. Favourite place to run? Anywhere in Cornwall with my running buddies

5. Why did you become a leader? I wanted to share my experience & knowledge with others & help them achieve their running goals.


Alison Parsons

1. How long have you been in the club? since the start

2. Favourite race? London Marathon 2015 and The Saints Way 2019  

3. Best running advice? Join a Club, you will run regularly and meet new people.

4. Favourite place to run? Country Estates like Lanhydrock and out on the coast.

5. Why did you become a leader? To give something back to the Club that had got me into running and hopefully inspire others to enjoy running and enter races.

Katie Cornford

1. How long have you been in the club? 4 years

2. Favourite race? The Rat - its a fabulous event, well organised and it’s not like any other race. 

3. Favourite running accessory? Headband/snood

4. Funny running story? I had a time in mind for the Barnstable half marathon. Running with Pauline Dennis, we realised we were close to meeting the time. For the last half mile Pauline pushed our pace on. I was dying running at under 8 minute miles. I collapsed over the finish line saying 'You didn’t need to push the pace on that much!'. Pauline replied 'I was dying too & only kept going as you were on my tail!' At Least we met the time!!

5. Why did you become a leader? To help support our ladies and encourage them with their running